Fly with your pets on Cathay Pacific

Pet Policy Cathay Pacific

Most pets can join you on board as check-in baggage on a Cathay Pacific flight.

Service dogs

If you have a visual, hearing or mobility impairment and need your service dog to be with you at all times, you are welcome to bring it with you into the passenger cabin. More information about traveling with a service dog can be found HERE.

Health, breed and age restrictions

Also, due to the health risks that flying poses to them, Cathay pacific does not accept brachycephalic (snub-nosed, short snout or flat face) animals as check-in baggage or for cargo carriage.

Affenpincher Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Burmese
Boston Terrier Chow Chow Exotic
Boxers(all breeds) Dogue de Bordeaux Hymalayan
Brussels Griffin English Toy Spaniel Persian
Bull dog    


Cathay Pacific has different structures for certain flight routes to determine the charges to travel with your pet by weight or piece. The exact charge and more information can be found HERE.

More information

For more information, you can have a look on the website of Cathay Pacific.