Travel with your pets on GNV Ferries

Pet Policy GNV Ferries

Four-legged friends are welcome on GNV ferries and now with the ‘Pets, welcome on board’ service you and your pet will be inseparable. Travelling can be difficult and uncomfortable for pets. New situations that differ from their daily routine can become stressful. But GNV has designed a cabin just for pets on board, so they can relax with their owner during the trip. 

Fitted out with effective easy-clean linoleum, these cabins benefit from a strict daily sanitation service to guarantee maximum hygiene. Moreover, on the outdoor desk is an exercise area where pets can drink and stretch their legs in peace. Pick up a waste bag at reception!

Where this service is available, you will see the “pet-friendly cabin” option when booking.

For more information, you can have a look on the website of GNV Ferries.