Travel with your pets on P&O FERRIES

No need to leave your furry friend behind when you want to travel with P&O ferries. The different routes have different regulations regarding bringing your pet. Some routes only allow pets in the car and some routes only allow pets in kennels on board the ship. The table shows you average costs, check in times and if there are kennels on board per route. Registered guide and hearing dogs travel free of charge.

Booking your pet on one of the P&O routes is easy. You can just add on your pet(s) while you make your online booking. Make sure to enter the right weight of your pet(s), as the size of the kennel is determined on your pet(s) weight.

If your pet travels in the on board kennels, P&O staff will check up on them every 2 hours. If you wish to visit your pet, you can do so if accompanied by P&O staff. You can ask at the onboard reception.

Just as flying to a country, when you enter a country by sea, you will have to comply with all the regulations regarding bringing your pet into that country. You can have a look in the Regulations per country, to see which regulations will apply to your pet(s).

Dover – Calais 20 USD No No
Rotterdam – Hull 22 USD Yes Yes
Zeebrugge – Hull 22 USD Yes Yes
Larne – Cairnryan Up to 4 pets free per vehicle No No
Dublin – Liverpool Up to 4 pets free per vehicle No No

More information

For more information, you can have a look on the website of P&O Ferries